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Scribbles and Scrawls
More paintings:

Coming into Focus (36x24) 2006 - $3,500
Breaking Light (36x24) 2006 - $3,500.
New England Triptych (18x24/30x24/18/24 - oil & alkyd on canvas) 1994 - $8,500
Shaker Boxes (18x24) 2006 - SOLD
... and, a few drawings from the other side of the brain
Autumn Still Life (36x24) 2006 - SOLD
Please  note - again -  that paintings vary greatly in size, but I have reproduced them fairly uniformly. All paintings are oil and alkyd on board except where noted.
Unseen Landscape (24x28- oil & alkyd on canvas) 2001 - $3,000.
Sheltering Sky (24x18- oil & alkyd on canvas) 1986 - $2,500.
Sunlit Silhouette (24x18) 2007 - SOLD
Shaker Light (36x24) 2006  - SOLD
A very proud moment: Thanks to my sister Donna, on the right, a very humble me meeting with the great man himself- Stephen Sondheim.  What does this have to do with art? Everything.
Under Northern Skies (36x24) 2009 - $2,800
Two real masterpieces. The above was baked in my Viking, and the right was baked in my Big Green Egg.